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Sometimes it isn't as easy as simply buying or selling. Sometimes you need to relocate. Our agents have extensive experience in helping you to relocate your home or business. We'll do all the work for you to be sure the process goes smoothly.
One of the earliest steps in the relocation process is becoming familiar with the local housing market in your destination, so that you can make informed decisions about where to buy, and what type of housing you can get for your money. Finding and buying a home can be a risky and complicated endeavor if you are not well-informed about the choices available to you, even when you are moving within the local area you are already familiar with.
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How To Select A Realtor
Couple this with a relocation to an entirely new city - possibly with a new job, family concerns and a new lifestyle - and it could be the single most important decision you will make. The expertise of a professional, experienced Relocation Realtor® is highly advisable.

How To Select A Realtor

Because a Realtor® can be a virtual goldmine of information about the area, schools, taxes, local housing values and trends, etc., select an agent well before you arrive in your destination - even if you don't plan to purchase for several months. Finding a Realtor® who is certified, experienced and involved in the relocation industry is very important, because he or she will understand that your most important need initially is information-gathering. The Realtor® will know that you need detailed information on neighborhoods, amenities, schools, and local housing prices before you can even begin to decide where you will narrow your search for a home.

If you are not selective in demanding a Realtor® experienced in relocation, you could end up with a more inexperienced or even part-time agent who may want to jump right into the home-showing phase before you've even gotten your toe acclimated to the water! Before you talk to your Realtor®, it is a good idea to define what's really important to you in a home and neighborhood. Ask yourself these questions:

1) Do we prefer a rural or city setting?
2) What recreational facilities are important to us?
3) How far am I willing to be from work?
4) Is access to public transportation or school buses important?
5) What type of housing is our ideal - single family home, townhome, condominium, country home?
6) What type of rooms do we need? How many living areas, bedrooms and bathrooms?
7) What are our future needs? Is our family growing or will children be nearing adulthood? Do we foresee needing a home office or would we like to have space for a pool?
8) What is the difference between the average home price in my current town, and the average in my destination? What will the same dollar buy - more or less? What about cost of living other than housing? Factor in any difference in your salary or income that the move will bring. for additional tools, see our Salary Calculator, and other Homebuyer Calculators such as payment & income calculators.
9) What loan amount do we qualify for? What monthly payment is comfortable for us? will we have any trouble qualifying? (for more information on loans, see our Mortgage page.)

Armed with this information, a good relocation Realtor® will be able to provide you all the information you need ahead of your move, to prepare you to begin looking and find the best home in your new town!

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